Help, my client can't send me e-mail

Sometimes you aren't able to receive e-mail from specific people.

There are many reasons that this could occur, so please review these before contacting us:

1) Is your Internet working? Check this first!

The first thing you want to check is if your Internet works at all.

Try to get to  If it fails, it is likely you have an Internet problem and will have to contact your ISP.  This has nothing to do with the E-mail.

(You may laugh, but if 30% of the tech support calls fall in this category, this should be the #1 thing to look at).

2) Can you receive E-mail at all?

If you can't receive e-mail from anyone, then please contact us at technical support. 

Most likely, it is a problem with passwords or your e-mail program.  You can read more about this here:

3) Can you receive other E-mail but just not from your client?

If you CAN receive from everyone else, this is an issue with your client or their e-mail address.

At this point, you will need to get a copy of their e-mail that "bounces back" and then we can take a look at it to say why it is being rejected.

3 Common issues:
a) Their e-mail address is in your spam-box
b) Wrong e-mail address
c) Their IP address is black-listed

a) The e-mail is in your spam-box
Depending on the content of their e-mail, they might be in your spam folder.

You can read more about it here:

b) Wrong e-mail address
You may also need to get a copy of their e-mail to see what the issue is.

The return e-mail will give a server-message for what the problem is.

The most common is "unknown user" or "unknown domain".  This is because they have the wrong e-mail address.  Sometimes the client accidentally types it in instead of using their address book, so take a look at the TO field.

However, the return e-mail might also give an error like "Can't receive e-mail - 451 Blocked" in which case, move on to 'C' below.

c) Their server is blocked
If they receive the 451-blocked error-message, it means their IP address is blocked.  You can read more about this here:

At this point, we wouldn't be able to do anything else, they will have to unblock their IP address.

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